7 Wall painting techniques and ideas for modern home

Wall painting techniques

If the desire to always remain ‘in trend’ for you sounds good, today’s topic dedicated to wall painting techniques with geometric patterns is very urgent. So, we will explain what the patterns are now experiencing the peak of their popularity, as well as where and how much they should be used in the interior.

The saturation of colors, which you will use in these wall painting techniques and ideas, is crucial. So, bright colors combined with graphic forms on the surface of the walls is better to use caution, for example, highlighting with them one of the areas of the room (dining room, sitting room, a game in the nursery, a washroom in the bathroom).

Geometric patterns are always very independent and do not accept competition from other subjects and objects. For example, the walls painted a spectacular picture “zigzag” in the hallway, will be enough to supplement accurate banquettes and a mirror in the compact frame.

Than paler and less attached to the walls geometric pattern, the more walls you can decorate them.

Wall painting techniques and patterns 

zigzag wall painting techniques or bedroom walls

Classic at its best, people like zigzag wall paint techniques, because it looks impressive, but not defiantly, as usual, but it is interesting because of its rhythm.

It should be noted that the zigzag as a wall paint technique is a fairly active pattern, no matter how simple did not seem so, to put this pattern on the wall you should be careful that the surface has become stylish, but, importantly, reasonably. zigzag colors shouldn’t be too bright, probably derived from their (pastel) colors: light gray, pale yellow, pistachio green, yellow, and silver. If desired, make 1-2 focus more saturated colors.

zigzag wall paint ideas are better for those areas that are not in sight of you all the time, that is, it may be the surface of the wall behind the sofa, at the work table, for the headboard, in the corridor, hallway, or bathroom.

modern wall panting techniques – waves

Wave, perhaps, can not be called a strict geometric shape, but rather a wavy line. But precisely because of its unpredictable nature, we have included it in the list of the most relevant wall painting techniques.

A similarity with the pattern “zigzag” is that the wave is better to use on a wall or in a particular area. The difference is that this figure may contain several alternating shades of one color, smoothly flowing into each other, which creates an interesting optical effect.

Waves wall paint techniques can be applied to the wall in any direction: horizontally or vertically, diagonally from the bottom corner to the top, and even generate a blur.

diamond wall painting techniques and patterns for bedroom of kids

wall painting techniques of “diamond” can compensate for the absence of some of the furniture and decorative furniture, simply because it is the first place that is attracting attention. This means that if you are a fan of pure space, not cluttered with unnecessary objects, the advantages of this pattern would be appreciated.

Like the wall painting techniques “zigzag”, and “diamonds” must be applied in a certain area, if you are using bright colorful colors. However, in this case, among them, one group shall be present, which is colored on other walls of the room. For example, in your bedroom is dominated by the color of the eggshell or pale green, then give this shade a few “diamonds” of yellow, blue, gray, ocher, etc. This will help to create the impression that the patterned wall, though – is part of a single space.

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